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A high-voltage shock combined with a physicaI barrier will deter anyone from attempting to penetrate the perimeter fence.

The detecting ability oI a Nemtek electric fence energizer will sound an alarm when the perimeter of the property being protected has been infiltrated or tampered with.

By keeping the perimeter protected using an electric fence, the attempted break-in of the protected area is delayed, giving additional time for a reaction team to respond.





The Druid energizer can also be controlled and programmed with the optional LED
single-zone keypad.

  • The energizer can be installed near the fence and the keypad can be located
  • where it is most convenient for the user
  • Up to two keypads can be connected to one energizer
  • The fence voltage outputs can be adjusted using the keypad
  • The siren and gate outputs can be bypassed using the keypad



The Wizord energizers have been field tested for many years and boast unsurpassed reliability. Simple to install and easy to maintain.

  • Built-in alarm monitors tampering or faults on the high voltage and earth fence wires
  • Connectable to armed response radio or GSM module
  • Lightning and power surge protection
  • Intelligent power saving to extend battery life
  • Easy-to-use tag included for controlling the energizer
  • Powered by 230V mains and includes built-in battery for back-up power
  • Built-in gate alarm input to monitor if the gate is open or closed